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Parks in Little Rock

Parks in Little Rock

Are you seeking an oasis of greenery and tranquility in the heart of a bustling city? The parks in Little Rock offer just that. They're a verdant escape where every corner tells a story and every path leads to an adventure.

From the serene banks of the Arkansas River to the majestic heights of Pinnacle Mountain, these parks are not just spaces but experiences waiting to unfold. They represent the heartbeat of Little Rock with an invitation to both locals and visitors to enjoy the city's vibrant outdoor life.

Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a peace-seeker, the parks in Little Rock cater to every mood and moment. Read on to embark on a discovery of the city's green gems where each park offers a unique slice of Arkansas's natural splendor.


Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is a vibrant stretch connecting downtown Little Rock to the Arkansas River. It's a standout among parks to visit in the city. This 30-acre park is a mix of historical monuments and artistic expressions, interwoven with the tranquility of nature.

Visitors can enjoy the sculpture garden, outdoor art pieces, and the History Pavilion, which offers a glimpse into Arkansas's rich past.

The amphitheater hosts a variety of events throughout the year against the backdrop of the Arkansas River. For those seeking a peaceful stroll, the park's walkways offer a serene experience, surrounded by greenery and the sounds of the river.

The Arkansas River Trail

The Arkansas River Trail is a favorite among parks to go to for outdoor enthusiasts. It's a scenic gem that weaves through the heart of Little Rock.

This 15-mile loop trail connects Little Rock with North Little Rock. It offers breathtaking views of the Arkansas River. Plus, it's a haven for cyclists, joggers, and walkers, with its well-paved path ensuring a smooth journey.

The trail passes through several parks, including the Big Dam Bridge and Two Rivers Park to provide varied landscapes and experiences. Whether you're seeking a rigorous workout or a leisurely walk with stunning river vistas, the Arkansas River Trail delivers a perfect blend of natural beauty and physical activity.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Pinnacle Mountain State Park, located just outside Little Rock, is a haven for hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The park is renowned for its namesake mountain and offers two distinct trails to its summit.

The West Summit Trail is a more moderate climb. It winds through picturesque landscapes to a stunning vista of the Arkansas River Valley.

For those seeking a more challenging ascent, the East Summit Trail presents a rigorous path with rock scrambling and steep inclines. It leads to rewarding views at over 800 feet.

Besides hiking, the park offers picnic areas, boat launches, and interpretive programs. It's an ideal destination for a day of adventure and exploration.

Two Rivers Park

Located at the meeting point of the Arkansas and Little Maumelle Rivers, Two Rivers Park is one of the most serene places to visit in Arkansas. This park is a paradise for nature enthusiasts as it offers a network of landscapes from open fields to lush wetlands.

The park's extensive network of trails, both paved and unpaved, invites visitors to explore its diverse natural habitats. It's a popular spot for birdwatching, with numerous species gracing its skies and waterways.

The expansive grounds provide ample space for picnics and leisurely activities, making it a peaceful retreat for those looking to immerse themselves in nature's embrace.

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Maumelle Park

Maumelle Park is located along the Arkansas River. It offers a picturesque setting for visitors interested in visiting parks with a blend of water activities and serene nature.

Known for its camping facilities, the park attracts campers who appreciate its well-maintained grounds and convenient amenities. Fishing enthusiasts frequently visit Maumelle Park for its accessible riverbanks as they provide ample opportunities for catching a variety of fish.

Boating is another popular activity, with boat ramps available for those looking to explore the river. Additionally, the park's trails invite nature lovers to enjoy a peaceful walk amidst the trees.

Allsopp Park

Allsopp Park, nestled in Little Rock, is a favorite for those who love hiking, running, and mountain biking. Its extensive trail system winds through lush greenery. It offers a range of difficulty levels to suit all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

The park's well-maintained paths make it a top choice for residents and visitors alike. For those interested in Little Rock sightseeing, Allsopp Park provides a picturesque backdrop with its vibrant landscapes and natural beauty. The park's playgrounds and picnic areas add to its appeal, making it a top pick for any occasion.

MacArthur Park

MacArthur Park, set in downtown Little Rock, stands out for its historical significance and cultural richness. The park houses the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History and the Arkansas Arts Center. This makes it a unique spot for history buffs and art enthusiasts.

Its walking paths, pond, and gazebo create a peaceful environment for visitors to explore and relax. The park's historical elements, combined with its scenic beauty, make it a unique destination for those interested in sightseeing. It provides a glimpse into the city's past while enjoying its natural charm.

Murray Park

Murray Park is a versatile space known for its wide range of recreational offerings. The park features playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas and caters to families and sports enthusiasts alike. Its walking trails are perfect for those who enjoy a scenic stroll along the river.

The park's location makes it a popular spot for various community events and gatherings. With its combination of natural beauty and recreational facilities, Murray Park has become somewhat of a community hub for locals.

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Discover the Best Parks in Little Rock

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