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Best Small Apartment Dining Tables

Best Small Apartment Dining Tables

Furnishing your apartment, your choice in furniture can define the form, function, and flow of your apartment life. Many apartments do not feature a formal dining room but instead have an open space near the kitchen where you can place your dining room table. A small apartment dining table is a clever way to make the most of your space while still comfortably enjoying a place to eat dinner.

Apartment life makes it possible to scale your furniture to your personal lifestyle. Most people don't need an enormous dining table, even if you live with several other people. A compact table with chairs that tuck neatly into the space is a great way to enjoy more room and easier traffic flow in your apartment.

How do you find the right small apartment dining table? We have a few helpful suggestions from some of the most popular retailers.

a dining room and living room with a white table and chairs

Walmart: Lofka Dining Table Set for 2

  • $100
  • Small Square Table
  • 2 Dining Chairs

For those shopping at Walmart on a modest budget, you will charmed by the elegance of the Lofka Dining Table Set for 2 in dark black polished wood. This simple yet tasteful dining set features a square wooden table with black metal legs and a small shelf below for light storage. The table comes with two matching chairs with clean lines and comfortable backs made of black wood and metal.

Together, this little dining set will fit into any apartment space and provide the perfect place for two people to share a meal.

Target: Trinity Kitchen Dining Table Set for 4

  • $180
  • Rectangular Wood and Metal Table
  • Upholstered Dining Chairs

If you need a small apartment dining table for four people, try the Trinity Kitchen Rectangular Dining Set from Target. At a slightly higher price point, this attractive table is made from natural wood and artful black metal. The graceful swooping design of filament black metal curves creates continuity between the table trim and the four matching black chairs. Each chair has a stylish metal back and a black upholstered cushion built into the frame.

While large enough to seat four people, the entire set is compact and will fit into a small dining space in your apartment.

a family sitting at a table eating food

IKEA: Lanberg/Stefan Expanding Table and 4 Chairs

  • $370
  • Expanding Wood Table
  • 4 Wooden Chairs

Expanding tables are a wonderful solution for a small apartment dining area, with the ability to create more dining space for extra guests. IKEA is a great place to shop if you have a higher budget and want a truly vast selection of dining tables and sets. We particularly like the classic, minimalist style of the Lanberg/Stefan Table and 4 Chairs set. Despite its humble name, this dark polished wood dining set is perfect for both farmhouse and moody modern design.

The table and four chairs are all polished dark wood in a simple yet elegant style. Best of all, however, the rectangular table pulls outward to make room for six to eight.

Amazon: Qsun Dining Table Set for 4

  • $75
  • Rectangular Table
  • 4 Wood-Topped Chairs

For modern style, affordability, and a truly compact dining table design, check out the Qsun Dining Table Set for 4 on Amazon. In truth, Amazon has a great selection of flat-pack dining sets (DIY, build your own from pieces) similar to Ikea, but with a much wider price range from lows to highs.

We love the Qsun set because it's charming and oh-so-compact when put away. Why? Because it comes with stools instead of chairs. The charm of this set is rooted in its farmhouse-style natural wood top and gray metal shared by both the table and chairs. When the stools are pushed in, the table has almost no footprint at all, while still providing a cozy place for four to share a meal. It's perfect for a small apartment and versatile as a desk, card table, and more at a price that competes with other non-set tables of its size.

Wayfair: 5 Piece Round Kitchen Dining Table Set

  • $228
  • Round White Table
  • 4 White Scoop Chairs

Round tables suit a more organic and post-modern style. The 5 Piece Round Dining Table Set from Wayfair is the perfect addition to an apartment where white and gold are your guiding color scheme. The legs of this light and airy dining set are a golden wood bolted together with slender yet geometrically artistic black metal bracing. The table top is a gleaming white, and the chair seats are comfortable plastic scoops.

a couple sitting at a table eating food

Finding the Perfect Dining Table for Your Apartment

Small apartment dining tables can be hard to find, so we've made it easy. There are plenty of dining sets that will fit cozily in your apartment floorplan, even if the kitchen and dining space are compact. A small and aesthetically designed dining table can provide more comfortable flow from room to room while still providing a cozy place to eat meals and host guests.

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