Tips to Create the Ultimate Cat Friendly Apartment

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Adding a cat to your apartment can bring on some major changes to your life. While cats are somewhat self-sufficient in many regards and especially in comparison with dogs, there are definitely some things to consider when adding a feline companion to any apartment. Here’s our list of recommendations to make your place the ultimate cat friendly apartment.

Cat Friendly Apartments

Feline Friends in High Places

There are a number of theories as to why, but the reality of most cats is that they do not typically posses a fear of heights. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many cats love a high place where they can look over their territory. Let’s face it, if we could communicate with a cat I’m pretty sure they would tell you that your apartment is their space and you just live in it, not the other way round! Cats seem to feel a sense of security from being up high, so rather than just risking them finding a place to go on their own, why not encourage them to a place you design just for them. Whether it’s the top of a cabinet or bookshelf, or a high window ledge, placing a bed or simply an old scarf for them to be comfortable will encourage them to stay there. It’s always good knowing what high part of the house your cat is located too as they can easily startle you!

Ultimate Cat Friendly Apartment Tips

Dedicated Cat Corner

While many cats tend to roam a bit, they do get a sense of comfort from relaxing in the same place. Sometimes you have to just let your cat choose where it likes to be and then add things like a bed or scratching post to encourage that they stay in that area. However, if you don’t want to let your cat be the boss (good luck with that) then it’s very helpful to create a dedicated cat corner where your cat’s toys, bed, cat house, crate and anything else they might use on a regular basis will live. This will keep your cat friendly apartment more organized and will help you know where your cat is most of the time.

Cat Friendly Apartments in Little Rock

The Window Perch

Most cats really enjoy gazing out the window. Whether they are just aimlessly looking at trees, watching traffic, or plotting the interception of a mouse in the area, they really enjoy a window. As cats are fairly small, with minimal effort it’s not difficult to create a dedicated window perch spot, where your cat can go when they get the urge to peer through some glass. Whether it’s a small stool with a bed on top or an actual cat window perch, your cat will probably be happier if you make the effort to give them a place to hang out next to a window in your cat friendly apartment.

Catify Apartment

Find the Right Scratching Post

So many cat owners complain that despite investing in a scratching post, their cat still continues to shred the furniture. What helps is to analyze where your cat likes to use his claws and try and find a scratching post that emulates that type of material and stability. For example, the couch is often the target of cat claws and there’s a number of reasons for this. One of them seems to be the solid stability of the large thing and the cat can apply as much pressure and weight as they need to without it moving an inch. For these types of cats buy a wider, very sturdy scratching post so it emulates the feeling of the couch. Also, don’t be afraid to try different locations in your apartment where you put the post. Sometimes it’s not the post, but the placement that makes the difference.

If you are looking for cat friendly apartments in Little Rock, Arkansas we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with our friendly staff at the Berkley Apartments today.

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